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[TinyERP]Deploy to Azure

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In previous article, We understand how to deploy TinyERP into IIS. For now we will figure out how to deploy on azure environment.

There are multiple ways to deploy TinyERP into Azure:

  • Using Visual Studio
  • Using FTP.
  • Using Power-Shell
  • Using Continuous Deployment feature provided by Azure.

In this article, We will learn these for deploying TinyERP to azure environment

Using Visual Studio

  •  Open TinyERP in visual studio:

  • Right click on  "Api\App.Api" and select published. This will allow us defining new published profile:


  • Click on "Create new profile":

  1. Click to create new published profile
  2. Select publish target is azure service.
  3. Deploy TinyERP to existing web application on azure. This means that we need to create new app service on azure manually. Otherwise, select "Create new option" and fill in appropriated paramter.

For this case, we will deploy TinyERP to existing app service on azure.

  • Click "ok" and select appropriated app service. In this case, I select "tinyerp" app service that was created already:


  • And tinyerp app service on azure as below:

  • Click on OK, We will see the summary information of newly created published profile:

  • Actually, new published configuration was generated in "Api\App.Api\Properties\PublishProfiles\tinyerp - Web Deploy.pubxml". Open this file to see detail information:


We can see that, Visual Studio will contact with azure and get necessary information for the deployment. Such as: SiteUrlToLaunchAfterPublish, MSDeployServiceURL, UserName.

  • For those information, We can get it from detail page of tinyerp detail page in azure:

and content of file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    profileName="tinyerp - Web Deploy" 
    <databases />

In downloaded publish profile also contains ftp deployment also, We can use this if want to deploy by ftp.

  • Now, We can click on Publish button and see the deployment progress:

  • Congratulation, You have been deploy TinyERP to your app service successfully. Access to http://tinyerp.azurewebsites.net/ from your browser,  you will see default content:

  • You can see "Hello" in response body. It means your api works well. Let try to call some other api, such as: getting the list of permissions:

  • Or create new permission:

 The API was written in REST format, for more information, see REST overview

Let continue "Deploy to Azure - Using FTP" in next part.

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