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Self-Learning/ Self-Improvement

What is self-learning?

Self-learning is the progress of perceiving about things around you and transform into your knowledge or experience.

Why do we need to self-learning?

From the first day, you came to this world. your parent cared about you. they cooked for you, when you was down, they pushed you up.

you got mature, go to work, our parent will not be aside you. you need to be able to recognize your mistakes, your weaknesses and improve them.  you need to be able to recognize harmful stuffs around you and avoid them.

what will happen if not?

you was not be able to recognize that you are lacking of communication skill. some problems related to communication will happens, they will will tell you that you need to improve your communication skills before more problems were coming.

you was not be able to recognize bad guys (person with negative stuffs in mind). this will change your mind in near future. the closer you are, the similarities between you guys will be (mind set, behavior, ...). still the day, you know that and a long time later with a lot of effort trying to improve yourself back to normal.

what do you need to improve yourself?

this was belong to specified context and out of scope of this article. We will focus on how to learn, how to absorb and transfer knowledge into your experience.

<work in progress>

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