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Nowadays, more and more companies aware on how to motivate their staffs. This seems to be a good thing (at-least for me :) )

The companies can gain those values if their staffs were motivated:

Improve the loyalty of employees.

Motivated staffs create a high productivity as they know what they want to be and how to get there. At anytime, your staffs known what they should learn and improve themselves day by day. So high productivity is just a result of self-improvement.

How to motivate your staffs:

The company should have long-term plan for 3 or 5 years. This will help top managers understand what they need? which skill their staffs need to have?

Prepare career path for your staffs.

  • The company has a long-term plan and we know that we need. We can instruct employees preparing those skills beforehand. This also helps the company reducing a-lot-of training cost.
  • The employees can improve themselves. Some members leave their current company and move to other company with lower salary as they can improve their skills in new company.
  • We can limit the topics for researching rather than your staffs spent time on unnecessary area.

Conduct training courses. There are experienced persons tell us "what and how to learn" is always better than learning without supervisory.

From my point of view, the most valuable property of company is "skills of its employees".

This is just my point of view about motivation. So it is nice if you can give me your feedback on this.

Thank for reading.

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