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Technologies should serve for business purpose.


[TinyERP]Manage Application Lifecycle

In this article, We will learn why do we need to manage the stages of our application:

- Overview about what is application lifecycle

- Why do we need to manage lifecyle of application

- How do we raise and handle event of application, such as: on application error, on application stared, ...

[TinyERP]RESTful & WebApi

In this article, We will have a look to understand how RESTful/WebApi was applied in my code.

In my code, we use angular2 (typescript) handles client logic and performs business logic on server side (c#).

The client communicates with server side through RESTful web service written in WepApi.

[TinyERP]DI & IoC - Why and Why not?

In this article, we will why and why not using DI & IoC from my real situation.I did not tell you that DI is not good. From my view, each tech has it own pros and cons. So It is better if we know when we can use which techs for our business. [More]

[TinyERP]Multi-Languages (i18n)

I have looked around the internet. Some others have already contributed their solution for multi-languages in Angular2.

Look at my code. I have another solution for this case, it looks easier to use on both ts code or from html file.


Nowadays, with growing of web development, more and more desktop applications (such as HRM, CRM, Payroll, ...) were migrated to web application.

So the web application can utilize much benefit from web environment. This is easy to search the pros and cons between web application and desktop application on the internet, so we will not discuss here.

Purpose of series of articles will introduce you how did I organize the project for those types of application. [More]