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Angular2 - Component

What is component in Angular2?
In General view, For easier to understand that a component is a page we want to display. [More]

Angular2 - Binding

What is binding?
Data binding is mechanism was used by Angular2 for showing data on the UI and receive input from user. So the logic of component (class in ts file) can interact with the UI (html/ template file) easier. [More]

REST - Overview

I do not know about REST, can I learn it and how?
yes, you can learn it. Simply, you should start with the basic CRUD operation for user. This will help you easier to understand. [More]

[TinyERP]Manage Application Lifecycle

In this article, We will learn why do we need to manage the stages of our application:

- Overview about what is application lifecycle

- Why do we need to manage lifecyle of application

- How do we raise and handle event of application, such as: on application error, on application stared, ...